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Flow Ezy Filters

Filtration solutions for oil, chemicals and water.


Flow Ezy Filters is one of America's oldest industrial filter manufacturers.  Flow Ezy's liquid filtration products have supplied US industries since 1945.  Throughout that time they have grown to over 3,000 distributors that market their line of hydraulic filtration products around the globe. 

Flow Ezy Filters serves many industries including off-road heavy equipment, commercial air filtration, wastewater, fluid power, hydraulic, power generation, food processing, mining and machine tools. Flow Ezy provides high quality, low cost strainers, filters and accessories.

Sample Flow Ezy Products:

  • Sump Strainers
  • Suction Screens
  • Tank-mounted Strainers
  • Tank Breathers
  • Removable Strainer Baskets
  • Replacement Elements
  • Flow Diffusers
  • Motorsport Filter Line
  • Strainers and Bag Filters
  • Portable Filter Carts
  • Meltblown Nonwoven Cartridges
  • In-Line Filters
  • Y and T-Filters
  • Lube Filters
  • Desiccant Tank Breathers
  • Back Pressure Inducers
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Cartridge Filter Housing
  • SAE Hydraulic Flanges
  • In-Line Disc Filters




Call Us (704) 394-1395